by SUNSET | September 2018

One of our favorite things about the first day of school is chatting with your kiddos over breakfast and sharing the exciting things this year will bring…that is if you can convince them to get out of bed and join you for breakfast!  But we have a few tips to help get those feet on the floor (and out the door) because nothing gets people moving faster than the smell of breakfast cooking.

We’ve collected some of our favorite quick, easy, and tasty breakfast recipes that will strike out the standard cold bowl of cereal and send your kids off to a home-run school day.

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by SUNSET | August 2018

When back to school season starts, it feels like it takes a superhero to juggle everything on your to-do list. From grocery shopping, menu planning and cooking, to school pickups, practices and homework, moms have a lot to do! (and really does that list even scratch the surface of your daily life???) 

We’ve collected some of our best time-saving recipes, featuring our favorite flavor-packed SUNSET® products.  With 10 easy and delicious meals planned, that’s one less thing on your to-do list!

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by SUNSET | August 2018

School might be starting, but summer isn’t over just yet! August is Family Fun Month…the perfect time to celebrate the last of the dog days together. Try these family-fun activities and recipes to help make the most of the last remaining days of summer.  

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by SUNSET | July 2018
We’ve all had that moment where we stand in front of the open fridge or pantry … staring. Just waiting for the perfect snack to jump out at us! You know, the snack that wasn’t there the last 3 times we got up to grab a bite?

The next time this happens, skip right past the shelves and pull out the drawer where you placed the veggies you bought on your last trip to the market. Vegetables are the perfect snack! They taste good, are good for you and can be eaten raw or cooked. You can enjoy them whole, chopped, or sliced with a dip or spread. The options are endless and the many different flavors will satisfy any craving. Vegetables have high water content too so you’ll feel full in less time than it takes to eat that bag of chips that you were just going to have a handful of (not judging, we’ve all been there!).

So, what makes vegetables the perfect snack?

The original convenience food, fruits and vegetables! Ready to eat after a rinse under water, fruits and veggies are an easy grab and go snack. With a little extra prep time and an oven, you can make your own veggie chips with kale or sweet potato to pack and go. Just bake them, let them cool and then pack them in reusable containers for pre-portioned chips any day of the week... a healthy alternative to that bag of chips we mentioned earlier.

Vegetables are delicious on their own, but add a dip or spread and you’ve got a whole new flavor combination. Peppers and hummus, apples and peanut butter, cucumber slices and ranch dressing… all perfect pairings to power through those 3:00pm hunger pangs.

The crunch of a carrot, the snap from a pepper or the smooth texture of an avocado; if you crave a certain texture at snack time, veggies have you covered. Or you can bounce from one texture to the next by mixing different veggies together. Toss your favorites together in a bowl or a reusable container to have on the go when you’re in the mood for a snack.

Feel Good Food
A snack you can feel good about eating! Full or vitamins and nutrients, veggies will curb your craving and leave you feeling satisfied with no regrets and zero guilt. Best of all, adding veggies to your meals and snacks is a proven way to help reduce the risk of many diseases.

Good for Everyone
Packing veggies into your kid’s lunch box for school, or your brown bag for the office, is a win for everyone as a snack. With so many colors, flavors, and textures to pick from, boredom is not an option. And if you have a picky vegetable eater on your hands, try hiding vegetables in their food.

No matter what your taste buds are craving, there’s a vegetable for you to snack on. We want to know, what’s your favorite veggie snack?

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by SUNSET | June 2018

Are you an adult that requires adult supervision while using the stove? No worries! We’re here to give you the basic skills you need to be comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Becoming a competent cook is easier than it seems. All it takes is some patience, practice and a few ideas to build your confidence. We’ve compiled 4 easy to prepare, delicious to eat recipes that will help you turn your beginner skills into expert results in the kitchen. Try them out one at a time. Each recipe builds upon the skills of the last and takes less than an hour to prepare from start to finish.

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